A day of disappointments! I set off early today to do a short walk before the forecast rain started to fall. It was only a short drive to the start point for the walk on the Longshaw Estate but when I got there, before 09:00, the weather didn’t look too good so I went on into Sheffield to look for “Footlose” a Paramo clothing stockist. I found that it was in a seedy rundown part of the city with shutters on the doors and windows and didn’t open until 10:00. I decided not to wait and went on to Bakewell instead. Despite having said the Mountain Equipment shops sold down-market products, I bought two base layers at ??10 each. From here it was back to the caravan site to take down the awning before the rains came. It was when I came to put the awning in the boot of the car that I found that the boot wouldn’t lock. I called on Green Flag who sent a breakdown van from Grindleford and was with me within 30 minutes. The mechanic decided that the boot lock needed a new motor and we made an appointment to take it to the Vauxhall dealer at 08:00 in the morning. I hope that they can fix it while I wait. The final disappointment but one that was more easily rectified was to find that the gas bottle, used for early morning heating, was empty. I was able to purchase a replacement from the caravan site office for ??22. I’m hoping that the repairs to the car will be covered by warranty and won’t add further to the expense of the holiday. ??


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