Monsal Dale & Miller’s Dale

We started today’s walk of 6 miles with 1,540ft of ascent in sunny weather following a wet night and early morning. The weather forecast wasn’t that promising with heavy showers predicted. Following the Monsal Trail we made our way though Monsal Dale and on to Miller’s Dale before stopping for lunch just past Litton Mill. No sooner had we finished lunch than the clouds started to blacken followed by a really heavy downpour. We took shelter under trees for 20 minutes or so until the rain stopped and then began the one steep climb of the day out of Miller’s Dale. We had just got to the top when it started to rain again and this forced us once more to take shelter. It was here where we met two couples who, despite having maps, didn’t seem to have much idea of where they were or where they were going. With the aid of my GPS, I was able to point them in the right direction. Thankfully, it soon stopped raining and we were able to complete the walk in warm sunshine.



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