Grindleford to Hope


Today’s 8 mile walk with 1,500ft of ascent started with a 10 minute train ride from Hope to Grindleford but it took me 3½ hours to make the return journey on foot. The picture shows a view of Lose Hill from Hope station. It was an odd start to the day with low cloud/mist but most of this had burnt off by the time that I started the walk at 09:45. The route back from Grindleford passed the outskirts of Hathersage and then on to Abney. Coincidentally, on the way to Abney I crossed a small stream before ascending Abney Clough. The last time I was here was with Karen and Barry in the middle of a thunderstorm with so much rain that we could see the level of the stream rising in a matter of minutes. Luckily, the weather was much better today and as I write this blog in mid-afternoon it is pleasantly warm. Let’s hope that it lasts a little longer.  


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