Ampleforth – a shorter route


It was a lovely day for walking, the sun was shining but it wasn???t too hot. I set out from Ampleforth to do a 9 mile & 1,350ft walk but decided about 2/3rds of the way around to cut it short and in the end only walked 7?? miles with 920ft of ascent. Whilst walking through a farmyard, I had a close enecounter with a snarling farmers dog. It was protecting it’s territory by coming up to me barking within about three feet and then backing off, only to repeat the exercise again and again, It gave me quite a fright and at one point I picked up a stone to throw at it but didin’t need to resort to this form of self-defense. The walk was okay but not great and I wasn???t really feeling that energetic today. As I???m on holiday and on my own I can please myself how much or how little I do and today fell into the latter category.


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