Chop Gate & Urra Moor (1,450ft)

The day started a little overcast and breezy but with no forecast of rain. So off I set for a walk of 8?? miles with 1,500ft ascent starting from Chop Gate about 10 miles north of Helmsley. Much of the walk was on the tops of the North Yorks Moors (Urra Moor) and the main ups and downs were at the start and finish of the walk getting up to and down from the moorland plateau at around 1,400ft. From here you get some idea of the huge scale of these moors. The only significant landmark was the Badger Stone which is shown below. I only saw two other walkers in almost 4 hours.

The major surprise of the walk occurred on returning to the car park at Chop Gate. A young couple with a small child in the back of their car and clearly not walkers approached me to ask for directions to the “Wainstones”. Luckily, I had walked around them whilst in the area last year. I asked the couple if they had a map and their reply was that they had a SatNav in the car but it didn’t recognise the “Wainstones”. I told them that they needed to go to another car park about 4 miles away and that they would then have a 1?? mile walk if they really wanted to go to the “Wainstones”.




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