A day of disappointments!


Today was rather odd in that I set off from the caravan site in fair but cloudy weather with the expectation of climbing some minor peaks (3,000ft) in the vicinity of Snowdon. When I got to the starting point at just over 1,000ft there was a strong cold wind blowing and the mist and cloud base was down to about 1,500ft. Having set off on the route with winter coat on and hat & gloves at the ready, I quickly decided that it would be unwise to venture into the mountains on my own under such trying conditions and decided to abort the walk in favour of some retail therapy. I set off to see what Llanberis had to offer and the answer is “Nothing”.  I had thought that Llanberis would be something like the Lakeland towns of Ambleside or Keswick. How wrong can you be?  It was sadly run-down, and other than a Joe Brown shop, had nothing to offer walkers or tourists. The second disappointment of the day. On then to Betws-y-Coed, where at least it looked a little more cared for and had a few more shops. I was looking for a light-weight pullover but had to settle for a micro-fleece from Cotswold Outdoors. I suppose that it is “sods law” that when I returned to the caravan site in early afternoon, the sun was out and it was a really nice day.


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