Well, yesterday???s 5?? hour journey to Caernarfon was certainly interesting. The fun started when I overruled the SatNav and diverted from my A5 route to follow the A4086 Pass of Llanberis.?? Like many of the Lakeland passes, this route certainly wasn???t designed for towing a caravan. However, the traffic was fairly light and I managed to get through without too many problems. Talking of problems, these really started at the access road to the caravan site where there was a ???road closed??? sign. I later discovered that this only applied to another local road. Dutifully, I followed the signed diversion to the point where I came to a dead end with another ???road closed??? sign.?? The only thing to do was to negotiate a 3-point turn with the caravan in tow. Thankfully, this was accomplished although it was more of a 7-point turn. Following the diversion route back to my starting point I overshot a turn and had to do another straight line reverse. The skills learnt on the caravan manoeuvring course were certainly being put to the test. Eventually, I decided to ignore the initial ???road closed??? sign and found my way to the caravan site. I managed to set up the satellite dish in less than a minute (a record for me) before the heavens opened. The downpour only lasted an hour or so and I was then able to get the awning up. From here the weather went downhill with rain throughout the night.

The forecast for today wasn???t great so I decided on an easy day with a stroll into Caernarfon and a bit of sightseeing. Tomorrow is forecast to be showery so I might stay local with a drive on to Anglesey.??


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