Cheddar Reflections

Home again after another enjoyable holiday ??? this time in Cheddar.?? This was my first visit to the area, principally to do some walking on the Mendips and a little further afield on the Quantocks.?? The town of Cheddar is relatively small, one Bugdens supermarket and a few other shops/pubs etc.?? The area in and around the Cheddar Gorge is, as one would expect, given over largely to tourism.?? However, to escape the crowds, it???s possible to walk the length of the gorge alongside the road that runs down the middle or on footpaths on either side.?? Cheddar proved to be an ideal base for the holiday as there were many walks in the immediate vicinity with plenty of opportunity to explore the Mendips which topped out at about 800 feet high.??

The one excursion to the Quantocks, about 35 miles away, was blighted by poor rainy weather and the need to drive through Bridgwater which seemed to have little to commend it. The sole walk on the Quantocks starting from Holford was okay but the need to wear hat and gloves, because of the cold, and a 180 degree navigational error didn???t really leave such a favourable impression.??

Whilst discussing the weather, I should mention the unseasonably low overnight temperatures during the first week which did little to enhance Karen & Barry???s tenting experiences.?? Apparently, the sub-zero nights were the coldest recorded in May for over 10 years. ??The statistics for this holiday were 60 miles walked with 7,500ft of ascent, bringing the running total for the season to 140 miles and 19,500ft of ups and downs.

If anyone is thinking of where to go for a walk then I can thoroughly recommend the Mendips which, in many ways, are similar to the Peak District & Yorkshire Dales although with probably more tree cover.?? The climbs are steep in places, generally 600 or 700ft, but the views from the top are well worth the effort.


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