Hawes Reflections

I???ve been back from Hawes for just over 24 hours and I???m already looking forward to the next outing to Cheddar.?? However, before getting ahead of myself, I thought that I should take some time to reflect on the Hawes holiday.?? I guess that the main thing was the weather.?? Although there were some chilly winds, the sun shone for a lot of the time and there was only one showery morning during the two week stay.?? Not too bad for April.

My 11 walks totalled just over 80 miles and included over 12,000 feet of ups and downs.?? Generally these weren???t too bad but my knees certainly felt the steep descent from the top of the Howgills second time around.?? If I had to pick out my two favourite walks then I would choose the 3 miler from Hawes to Burtersett & Gayle on a sunny Saturday morning and the first ascent of the Howgills, whilst on my own.?? The 3 miler was just a nice relaxing walk on a perfect morning whilst the Howgills were far more strenuous and presented a navigational challenge and the satisfaction of not getting lost.

I think that Amanda & Beatrix enjoyed their time in the Dales and our walks together certainly provided the opportunity of seeing what the area has to offer to keen walkers.?? Thankfully the attempts of a suicidal woman driver coming the other way at great speed on a narrow and winding single track road near Dent Station failed and we all lived to tell the tale.



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