Pike Hill


Today’s walk with Amanda & Beatrix was a 7 mile and 1,000 foot climb to the top of Pike Hill just outside Hawes, returning via the tea shop in Hadraw.?? We were fortunate in that it remained dry but there was a strong chilly wind.?? Our last 1?? miles section from Hadraw to Hawes was enlivened by a sheep and one of its two lambs that made a bolt for it as we passed through a gate between fields.?? With one remaining lamb on one side of the fence and mother and brother/sister on the other side of the fence, we had little choice but to try and round up the two escapees and to return them to the other family member.?? I now know why shepherds use a dog to control their flock as the two escapees showed a marked reluctance to be guided back to from where they had come.?? Thankfully, with the help of few passers-bye, we were able to round them up and effect the family reunion.


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