"The Calf"

“The Calf” seems an odd name to give to a mountain, or is it a hill?  Whatever; at 676 metres or 2230 feet it is the highest point in the Howgills and was the summit of today’s walk which was just short of 11 miles and had 2810 feet of ups and downs.  Thankfully the weather had improved considerably from yesterday; so much so that I even had to put sunscreen on!  The walk was something a peak bagging exercise with Winder (473m) being taken in on the ascent to The Calf (first trig point pic taken with timer set on my camera).  The summit of The Calf was reached without too much difficult and the second trig point pic was taken for me by a couple of mountain bikers.  It transpired that the frame on one of their bikes had been imported from the USA and cost ??3,700.  The 3rd summit of the day (Arrant Haw – 605m) was part of the return route but didn’t have a trig point of its own.  All in all, a wonderful days walking but I suspect that my legs will be sore in the morning.



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