Thursday Strollers

As the name suggests, this group walks on Thursday afternoons at a “steady” pace.  Their walks are normally about 5 miles; start at 13:30 and are generally within a 30 mile radius of Peterborough/Stamford.  I walk with them from time to time and they usually have a very good turnout.  Today there were 30 on the walk based on Bulwick.  Before the afternoon walk, I took the opportunity of stopping off in Laxton to recce part of a walk I’m leading from Barrowden this summer.  I had lunch at the RSPB centre at nearby Top Lodge and killed many birds with one stone by having a look around the adjacent Caravan Club site.  The weather was fantastic, as can be seen from the pictures, and was probably the warmest day of the year so far.  It was so warm that the afternoon walk was comfortably undertaken without the need for a coat!  A final added bonus was the opportunity to view the largest herd of deer that I’ve ever seen.  Too many to count.



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